You Are Super Loved Palo Santo Wand


Enhance your spiritual practice with the power of Palo Santo smudging. Our sustainably sourced Palo Santo sticks are ethically traded and harvested. 

To use the Palo Santo sticks, set the mood by lighting the stick and allowing the smoke to fill the room. Begin at the front door of your home and move counter-clockwise through each room, using a feather or your hand to fan the smoke into all corners and small spaces. As you move through the space, you can chant intentions or affirmations to enhance the cleansing effect. Remember to open windows and doors to allow the negative energy to be released. With regular use, Palo Santo smudging can help you cleanse and purify your space, releasing negative energies and promoting a sense of peace and positivity.

SIZE & QTY:  1 x 4" engraved stick

 Grown in USA.

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